Dairy Maintenance

Dairy Maintenance & Dairy Equipment | Mountain West Dairy Services
Dairy Maintenance & Dairy Equipment | Mountain West Dairy Services

Scheduled Dairy Maintenance

  • Replace air filters, change and flush the vacuum pump oil, check and replace milk hose, check for leaks, blow out condenser units, and check Freon levels
  • Technicians will provide scheduled maintenance according to the needs of the dairy; i.e. –A barn running 24/7 will need more scheduled maintenance than a barn running six hours a day

Dairy Chemicals

Chemicals that we deliver are all pre and post dips, detergents, acids, and chlorine. We can supply any chemical that is needed to keep your dairy running smoothly. Chemicals can be delivered any time as needed. We can set up a personal time each month that deliveries can be made.

Dairy Repairs, Dairy Remodels and Dairy New Construction

We work on all parts of the dairy including, refrigeration, pipeline, and installing all milking components. If it’s in a barn, we service it.

Custom Fabrication

Fabrication can be done on an individual basis, please contact us for further information.

Miscellaneous Dairy Services